Please complete this questionnaire in detail and attach any relevant supporting information describing the Company's scope of operation, e.g. Company brochures or publicity material.

On receipt of the completed questionnaire, NCHC will prepare and submit a proposal detailing costs and time required for the certification process.

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1. Please describe the products for which HACCP certification is required

2. How many separate HACCP-systems/sub systems are required under this scope?

3. What is the approximate number of pages of the business' HACCP Manual (if it is already prepared)(excluding forms)?

Number of pages:

4. Is the HACCP documentation system integrated with other systems (eg, ISO/quality/ H&S, etc)?

Yes No

5. Are process control plans concerning relevant aspects of food safety integrated in the documentation?

Yes No

6. What is the total number of employees in the business to be registered?

Number of personnel:

7. Is management responsibility with respect to product safety defined and documented?

Yes No

8. Has a multidisciplinary team been assembled to perform the HACCP risk analysis?

Yes No

9. Add product description to this questionnaire including characteristics of the product and its intended usage.

10. Are actual flow diagrams / lay-outs available validated by any HACCP-team?

Yes No

11. Are all hazards and preventive measures analysed by any HACCP-team and documented previously?

Yes No

12. Have Critical Control Points (CCPs) been assessed by any team for each process step using the decision tree methodology?

Yes No

13. Have the critical limits for the CCPs been determined?

Yes No

14. Are CCPs being monitored and results recorded?

Yes No

15. For each CCP, are corrective actions defined in case the limits are exceeded?

Yes No

16. What are the legislative of other GMP standards used in the establishment of the HACCP system and which are applicable to your unit OR is your unit covered under the ambit of FPO?